Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

no post in awhile, but that's ok. i've been very busy with school and such. i'm working on my accounting degree, and i've got a full course load, so i've been studying lots.

so with the raw.....

i'm finding it kind of difficult to "stick" with. i know that i definitely eat more fruits and veggies than i used to (which is definitely more healthy for me), but i think with the 'raw' label i become disappointed in myself if i don't eat what i think i should be eating. so i decided to kind of switch gears for awhile to ease myself into it. i want to make this a permanent change in my life, so i can't just rush into it. i've been pretty set in my ways for the last 24 years, so i can't change my eating habits over night! so i'm deciding to eat 10-15 servings of fruits and veggies every day (mostly raw, but not going to beat myself up if they're cooked). so this will be the next step in going raw. while i am doing this, i'm going to search for some good "core" raw recipes that are really satisfying for me. this will help me when i make a more permanent transition to raw.

does this make sense? lol......well, i hope this rambling made sense, because it will help me to not be so hard on myself, since i have so much else going on in my life right now.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, my new year started off with my computer crashing, so that is why I haven't blogged in a bit! But I am back now, and hopefully my laptop will co-operate!

So raw has been going ok. I don't want to rush into it too quickly. I have been drinking lots of fresh juices and basically being raw until lunch/supper. I have had a few light headaches (I get migraines all the time, so this is expected, and not too bad), but other than that not too much is going on! I'm really tired the last few days, but that could just be because I am back at school now, and I have to get up sleep schedule got all jumbled over the holidays. Speaking of school though, today was a SNOW DAY! And we hardly got any snow, lol! Our university is at the top of a big hill, so pretty much anytime it snows, it closes down, because cars can't get up and down the hill. This is the coast too, so no one knows how to drive in the snow!

Anyways, I am off to enjoy my day! Going to go for a nice walk in the snow. Hope everyone is having a great New Year's so far!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! I hope you all had a great and safe night. I myself had a quiet night. I've always gone out on new years or I've been working, and I had the chance for once to have a very quiet and serene New Years by myself. My friends all think I'm crazy! lol. I just hung out by myself and watched a few movies I had been wanting to see. Very peaceful.....

So anyways, today seems as good of a day as any to start going raw, so that's what I did! I woke up this morning and had a nice green juice (kale, lemon, apple, carrot, celery) with spirulina in it. It was my first time trying spirulina so we'll see how that goes. The taste really wasn't all that bad. I have never had kale in my juice before, but i couldn't even taste it. The lemon kind of overpowered everything. I'm not really hungry yet, but i'll probably have some fruit later on in the day, a salad, and then a salad and steamed veggies for dinner (not going 100% raw because I don't want to detox too badly!).
So yesterday I went to the health food store in the city. I was a little disappointed. They didn't really have anything raw. It was all just organic. I found the spirulina and that was kind of it. I kind of live in the boonies in between a town and a city (it's about 15 minutes to either one, so it's no big deal). So then I went into town to their health food store, and I was a bit more impressed. They had a wider variety of "niche" foods, and more raw options. I am actually impressed with my local grocery store as well. They had a bunch of raw items in the bulk bin. I used to work for that grocery store and never noticed! lol. So I got a few things to try, but I am mostly just keeping it simple.
TTFN - Janna