Thursday, December 27, 2007

How I Feel/How I Want To Feel.....

As I get ready to go raw, I've been thinking about how I'm feeling, and how I want to feel.
This is how I'm (sick of) feeling....

Bloated, irritable, agitated, sad, nervous, emotional, sensitive, fat, unhealthy, miserable, stuffy, sluggish, stuffed, annoyed, grumpy, depressed, slow, short tempered, angry, scowly, unsatisfied, unlovable, gassy, tired, etc.
Living this way isn't living!!!!

This is how I want to feel.....

Alive, vibrant, healthy, glowing, radiant, joyful, fresh, rejeuvenated, smiley, happy, satisfied, special, loved, comfortable, thin, awake, energetic, succesful, beautiful, natural, etc.


Kristen's Raw said...

That picture is hilariously cute :)

I've had those days, too!

Kristen's Raw

Janna said...

yeah, i think the little guy is eating too many nuts!